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Team Europe Magazin in the January 2005

Wiener Schnitzel, Mozart and Skiing, this are the things Austria is known for all over the world.

Based in the heart of Europe, close to all european countries, a strategic point and a main gate to most of the new members of the European Community (EC), TEAM GLOBAL LOGISTIC GMBH, situated on the Vienna Airport (VIE), has taken the chance to catch the train in a fast expanding market.

Austria stands for high quality products known all over the world. So we do. TEAM GLOBAL LOGISTIC GMBH, (TGL) founded in 1996, developed from an originally warehousing company to a logistic partner, offering complete solutions in all kinds of transport on a high quality level.

A competent, well trained staff, young, but very experienced, considering their job as a pro-fession, working as
a team to fulfil the needs of our clients.

High value, precious time-pieces from Switzerland, delivered to collectors which have been waiting for more than one year for these master-pieces since their order to a mechanic, who needs this one year to put more than 150 parts together to fit on a wrist.

Spare parts for wafer baking, machines, transported by on-board couriers via Moscow to Krasnodar or Irkutsk, customs cleared and delivered on time, where well known big courier companies can't help, TGL Vienna is satisfying the needs of its clients.

High quality microscopes  imported from Japan, stored and distributed to scientists in  universities all over Europe, escalators, exported to India, or shipments of catalogues to 100,000 households within Austria,
TGL Vienna is as individual as the requirements of every company served by us.

Building up a long time relation- and partnership is our main principle. Taking our clients as partners who can rely on each other.

"Our customers have the right to get a very individual service, as they are in very different branches.
And you cannot compare the requirements of  different lines of business.“
 says Norbert Heuber,
Managing Director
and 100 % shareholder of TGL Vienna.

To stay competitive in this fast business, you also need good partners all over our planet to serve our clients.

Therefore, TGL VIE was looking for a good partner, serving the world, and found  a strong alliance, existing for more then 20 years in USA fully private owned (as TGL, VIE is), individual as we are, growing from year to year, willing to build up a relation-ship you can rely on TEAM WORLDWIDE, USA.

With the common idea of TEAMWORK a new step has been in progress: the foundation of TEAM EUROPE, an alliance of very flexible forwarding agencies all over the old continent to work together for the coming years in the fast growing and changing markets.  

Our Philosophy

Team Global Logistic is a service enterprise, within the logistics and transportation industry.

We specialise in complex forwarding chains, high problem solution activity, with many years know-how and quality management.

In addition, we furnish services for other branches of industry with the same high standards, in which custom-made, traffic-carrier-spreading logistics solutions and special means of transport are demanded.

We are further a specialist for Customs Clearance, Warehousing, Commissioning, Stock Management and carry through the expansion of our international presence of the globalization of markets.

We aim to continually increase our competitive ability and development within our role as a specialized logistics company.

The efficiency of our staff forms the foundation for the entrepreneurial success of our company and thereby offers job security on a long-term basis.

The purposeful promotion of staff is therefore a substantial component of the guidance principles.

We gain effectively good results by a purposeful growth as a profit-oriented enterprise, increase the company value and secure the development of further services.

Your Team Global Logistic